Bolillo-Matic Bolillo-Matic


Bolillo Bread Moulder

The PROMAC Bolillo Moulder is an universal and robust machine, designed for longitudinal moulding of dough. All of the parts that come in contact with dough are made of materials suitable for food processing equipment. The roundly shaped dough pieces enter into the centering funnel, the dough passes 4 rollers to acquire the desired thickness; the rollers are made from non-stick material. Robustness assures durability with minimal maintenance. Quick, precise and simple setting of the centering flaps, rollers, pressure table and centering guides. Easy cleaning due to overall accessibility. All covers which can be opened are equipped with safety switches. The wire pre-roller (made of stainless steel) the dough foil is rolled up into a loaf and shaped evenly while passing under the pressure board, the pressure board can be easily adjusted by 2 handles, the second with specially shaped board make up for the perfect Bolillo?s.


  • Designed for longitudinal moulding
    Food safe material
    Non-srtick rollers
    Easy cleaning
    Adjustable pressure board

Models Available

  • PM-LM 2 - 1200-2400 Capacity