Standard Flour Sifter

The flour sifter is one of the most underutilized pieces of equipment in the backing industry. The SIFTER-101 removes clumps in your flour for smooth and consistent texture. The sifting action aerates the flour ensuring quality dough and/or batter.

The PROMAC flour sifter is a mobile unit allowing it to be easily moved within your bakery. The in- feed funnel is conveniently located close to ground level for safe and effortless loading of product. Flour passes through the specially designed sifting screens and out into your mixing bowl, ready for your next batch.


  • Removes clumps in the flour
    Adds smooth and consistent texture
    Aerates flour to ensure quality dough or batter
    Heavy duty casters for easy mobility
    In-feed funnel located near ground level for easy loading
    Screens designed to sift flour into your mixing bowl

Models Available

  • PM-FS 1CR - 110 lb. Funnel Capacity
  • PM-FS 2CR - 220 lb. Funnel Capacity