Cheesecake Production Lines

Cheesecake Production Lines

Automated Production

Promac By Gorreri cheesecake lines can be customizable with many different dosing, covering and decorating systems.


  • Swirling device for jam, creams, fruit sauce & chocolate
    Volumetric Doser for jam, creams, fruit sauce & chocolate
    Pressing Unit for crumbling
    Motorized reels to crumble pastry and to trim thickness
    Oil Moist Asperation by centrifugal filter with intergrated oil recovery
    Spraying Guns with special nozzels that insure a perfect nebulization
    HMI Touch Screen
    Stainless Steel Structure
    Adjustable Feet
    Each hopper can be equipped with cooling or warming device

Models Available

  • PM-CC-AUTOLINES - Industrial Automation