Ultra-Slim Ultra-Slim


Mini Rotary Rack oven with Trolly

The ultra-Slim Mini Rotary Rack oven has 15 tray removable trolley, powerful buit-In steam generator, elegant design yet robust enough for continuous bake. reduced footprint opens up new possibilities for small places, most flexible choice for a diversified bakery assorntment. Available in electric or gas powered.


  • Electric or Gas
    15 Tray Removable trolley
    Touchscreen Control Panel
    Available Fermination Cabinet
    Adjustable Temperature and Humidity
    Accepts 18" x 26" Trays

Models Available

  • PM-RO 10 E - Electric/1 Trolley
  • PM-RO 10 G - Gas/1 Trolley
  • PM-RO FC - Electric Fermenting Cabinet