Steam Tube Oven

The Promac Venice Steam Tube Oven is designed for intensive, exceptional energy yield, high themal mass due to increased number of tubes, 3 steam generators per deck. Refractory steel fire exchanger with adjusting capabilities. High thermal efficiency floors, special refractory baking stones and hgood with steam exhauster. A special clack motor is integrated with the dame chimney to keep the heat stored inside the oven for a long period of time.


  • Steam Tube Technology
    Three Generators Per Deck
    Refractory Steel Fire Exchanger
    Thermal Effciency Floors
    Refractory Baking Stones
    Exceptional Energy Yield

Models Available

  • PM-TO 48 - 52" Baking Area
  • PM-TO 65 - 70" Baking Area
  • PM-TO 80 - 86" Baking Area
  • PM-TO 110 - 118" Baking Area
  • PM-TO 160 - 172" Baking Area