Automatic Sprayer And Seeder

The Seed-O-Matic is a full automatic sprayer and seeder used in our bagel, roll, sandwich and hamburger line or as an independent stand-alone equipment. Machine is controlled by a HMI/PLC system with receipe saving. It has the feature of spraying the desired amount of water, eggs, slurry and molasses on top of the products followed by a seeder that can sprinkle the desired amount of granular materials such as sesame, bran, kernel, rye on the products. Simple in usage and easy to clean.


  • Automatic Spray/Seeder
    Use on bagels, rolls, etc
    Inline or as standalone
    Spray water, eggs, slurry and molasses
    seeder sprinkles sesame, bran, kernel, rye and more
    Easy to clean

Models Available

  • PM-SS -