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Multi-Deck Steam Tube Oven

PROMAC Multideck Steam Tube Ovens with Fully Automated Loader/Unloader are manufactured according to our customers? demands to achieve a high production capacity, expandable baking system and untouched production requirement by considering the latest technology. The Multideck Steam Tube Ovens with fixed decks and steam tubes are equipped with an important thermal mass that makes it unique due to its gradual baking system. It can be fueled either with gas, diesel or fuel oil. The fume ducts made in refractory bricks are fully covered by cement and the tube bundle is equipped with double cross beams for each deck, ensuring high thermal mass of the oven. Also, the sides and top of the oven are covered with cement and finished off with insulation. Heat losses are significantly reduced thanks to the motorized shutter installed on the fume chimney. The safety thermostat installed on the oven guarantees that the oven complies with all CE and UL safety standards and regulations.


  • Automatic Loader/Unloader
    High production capacity
    Fixed decks with thermal mass
    Fueled by gas, diesel or fuel oil
    Motorized shutter
    Safety thermostat
    Observe products from your IOS/Android device

Models Available

  • PM-BT 269-1 - 6 Decks
  • PM-BT -2 - 12 Decks
  • PM-BT 269-3 - 18 Decks