Dough-Flex-RB Dough-Flex-RB Dough-Flex-RB


Sprial Mixer With Removable Bowl

Promac Spiral Mixers are built with industrial strength heavy duty gears and parts to handle your every day, high output demands. Bosch Hydraulics and cylinders for the best performance. These mixers built to last and out last the competition!


  • BOSCH / REXROTH hydraulic system and cylinders
    Removable bowl rotation system equipped with massive heavy duty gear
    Spiral arm with dual speed mixing
    Mixing capacity as low as 20% of its max. capacity
    Stainless steel bowl, spiral and central arm
    Stainless steel bowl cover
    Programmable timers which can be set for for first and second speed separately
    Poly-V pulley and belt system for more torque and clutch
    Works silently
    Heavy duty rubber feet for secure mixing
    Automatic or manual use
    Electro static paint
    Extra pulley belt system for harder dough

Models Available

  • PMS-SPM 80 RB - 25-110 lbs. Flour Capacity
  • PM-PSM 100 RB - 28-137 lbs. Flour Capacity
  • PM-PSM 130 RB - 36-176 lbs. Flour Capacity