Baby Rembrandt

Baby Rembrandt

Mini Steam Tube Oven

Promac Baby Rembrandt Mini Vapor Tube Oven with refractory baking surface is ideal for hearth baking and you can also bake in regular pans. This oven is perfect for all types of products such as breads, rolls, pies, pastries, pizza, etc. The oven comes with its own steam generating system hich works independently for each deck. The oven can be supplies foruse with natural gas or propane gas. In either case the consumption of gas is minimal and the baking results are stunning. As standard all models are equipped with a stainless stand with heavy duty casters for easy placement.


  • Refractory Baking Surface
    Independent Deck Steam Generating System
    Propane Gas or Natural Gas Option
    Heavy Duty Casters
    Ergonomic Design
    Plug-In Installation
    Electro-Mechanic Control Panel
    Stainless Steel Interior/Exterior
    automatic Steam Control And Air Damper
    Atmospheric Burner System
    No Fume Exaust Needed
    High Quality Insulation
    Inward Opening Glass Lids
    Perfect Lighting
    Safety Gas Valves
    Tempered Heat Resistant Glass
    Easy Operation
    Visual/Aufible Warning System
    Available in 4, 8 And 12 Pan Models

Models Available

  • PM-MTO 13 - 13" Baking Area
  • PM-MTO 25 - 27" Baking Area
  • PM-MTO 40 - 43" Baking Area
  • PM-MTO 50 - 50" Baking Area